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ViConnect Bidet Element

Model: 92214800
Bidet installation system
Size: 525 x 1120 x 100 mm
For covering with plasterboard, installation onto a solid brick wall, in dry-wall constructions etc., adjustment range of feet from unfinished floor level to upper edge of finished floor level: 0-200mm,
adjustment range front to wall: 135-205mm (when mounted on wall brackets)
With wall brackets, incl. self-locking feet with adjustable base plates and fastening materials, installation instructions
Individual packaging materials
Self-supporting powder-coated steel frame, fully pre-assembled
Universally adjustable for bidet ceramics, with multiply bonded laminated wood panel and scaling for the free positioning of drinking water pipe wall panels,
with universal waste bend DN 50 (Ø 50) / DN 40 (Ø 40), incl. rubber collar DN 40 (Ø 40) / DN 32 (Ø 32) and protection plugs, with 2 x M12 retaining bolts adjustable 180/230 mm with protection plugs,
nuts and white covers, with sound-absorbing clamp
For dry-wall construction, standard height

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